Our Day On A Plate…

Ok, maybe not the most interesting thing to rabbit (get it? Jessica Rabbit… oh, never mind) on about, but I want to talk about our day on a plate. Now that it is school holidays , I am really devoting a lot of thought into what goes into the little mouths in my house.

There will be no whacky talk of activated almonds here, although I like to think that my kids are pretty healthy… at least when I am watching!

During the week in school term there is nothing too exciting, but it is all tasty and nutritious with enough variety, plus lots of energy for their busy active lives.


Either some home made muesli (see below), some weetbix or some wholegrain toast, usually with vegemite. They also have a glass of fruit and vegetable juice which I make up in a huge batch on Sunday night.

Recess they have a serving fruit, whether its an apple, orange, banana, a bunch of grapes, a punnet of strawberries, a collection of stone fruits… whatever is in season!

Lunch is a wholegrain sandwich or roll with some kind of protein and salad combination, plus maybe some avocado for some good fat. I also include a snack of some description, this varies hugely depending on what they feel like and what we have in the house, but it usually works out to be something like gluten free popcorn or veggie chips.

Afternoon tea is various crudites, usually carrot and celery sticks but it varies, served with some hummus and tzatiki. They can have some more juice or some cordial as well. If it is a hot summers day I brew some sweet flavoursome iced tea which they usually love. If they are still hungry after this they can have some corn thins or vita wheets with vegemite, but I find it is very rare that they are still hungry. I imagine that will change as they grow though!

Dinner varies, as I have discussed before, but I do try to plan out the weeks worth of meals on the Sunday so that I can be prepared. If I have been working that day we usually have a stir fry or some meat and vegetables, otherwise we will get something fancier. A risotto, for example, is a fiddly meal that is totally worth the effort.

They can have fruit and yoghurt for dinner, but not every night.

On the weekends they are allowed a small bowl of ice cream, but ideally not every weekend. They can also have more timely things for breakfast on the weekend, like eggs or healthy pancakes. Or banana and cottage cheese on toast.

In school holidays they have a pretty similar eating routine, but it is less structured in so far of timing. They are allowed to make their own snacks and choose what they eat, but I find they usually stick to a pretty similar plan… it probably helps that there isn’t much junk in our house, and even then it is out of their reach.


Jessica’s Home Made Muesli

serves 8

1 cup of oats

2/3 cup of processed bran (not necessarily All Bran, but it does work well)

1/3 cup of pepitas

1/3 cup sunflower seeds

1/2 cup of dried fruit. I usually buy a mix of it, and I add some dried cranberries for a lovely sweet touch.

Combine in an airtight container and update as you go. I sometimes add some slivered almonds or other kind of nut for some variety.

It is a huge hit… the only problem is that all other muesli seems inferior!


About Jessica

Queen of the Slashes. Full time Mother slash part time Clerk slash part time Accountant slash part time Arts/Law Student slash full time Domestic Goddess. Join me as I tell you alllll about it.
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