Birthday Bliss

In just a few days my gorgeous, adorable, wonderful, sweet perfect baby boy will be 7 years old. SEVEN!

The mind boggles.

I know it’s a cliche, but I really can’t fathom how time has flown. Where the frick did it all go?!? I would say he is maybe… 4 years old?

Having a birthday so close to Christmas it is really easy to get overlooked. Not by me of course, but in general. We have a few rules to try and make sure this doesn’t happen.

Firstly, we never, ever do combined presents. My birthday is in April and no one would ever combine gifts, so why should we do it just because his birthday is in December? Maybe if it was something super huge that would be worthy of a 2-in-1, otherwise they are well and truly separate.

Secondly, and similarly, we make sure birthday celebrations are totally removed from Christmas ones and there are no cross-overs. We have a kids party and usually get adults together too, even if we are seeing family again the next week. And ABSOLUTELY NO CHRISTMAS FOOD.

Which brings me to my next point.

As you know, we are living in a hotel in Junee, so instead of the usual backyard party we are just hiring the function room at the pub we presently call home. It has a lovely beer garden as well, lots of room for kids to run around and nice places for the big kids to sit and enjoy some booze.

This means I can’t really prepare food for the party, which I normally love doing as the kids and I have so much fun creating a menu and spending a few days together in the kitchen, but I am also kind of glad to be relieved of all the responsibility. I just need to try and work out a way to make sure the kids have fun.

Any suggestions?


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Queen of the Slashes. Full time Mother slash part time Clerk slash part time Accountant slash part time Arts/Law Student slash full time Domestic Goddess. Join me as I tell you alllll about it.
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