Big Night In

It is Friday night and, at least according to facebook, a lot of my friends are out and about hitting the town. They are making me crazy jealous with all their gorgeous dresses, while I am wearing mega daggy cotton shorts and a supre singlet, but I have to say I don’t envy them going out. I am a bit of homebody and to be honest, I really love staying home on a Friday night.

Tonight, for example, my partner is out at his Christmas party so it is just the kids and I. Tonight is one of those nights where I think “is it really such a big deal if the kids have toast or muesli for dinner? Really??” and of course my answer is NO. Admittedly I have actually gone to a fraction more effort, I have taken some chicken schnitzels out of the freezer – which they LOVE – quickly baked them and made them into toasties.

About as healthy as it is difficult (as in, not at all!) but it keeps everyone happy. Usually I have some home made pasta sauce in the fridge or freezer that is perfect for nights like this, but what can I say? It wasn’t a spaghetti kind of night tonight. I personally had some steamed vegetables, but no surprises here, no one wanted to trade.

We all had a delicious smoothie with banana, berries and almond milk for desert. Yum.

Anyway, being a Friday night near the end of the school year I am not really bothered by my kids staying up late. And being Christmas time and all I have set them up with a cute Christmas DVD – Jingle All The Way with none other than Arnie – for them to watch.

So, as far as I am concerned, I am home alone. Love it.

So what does one do with such rare freedom? Well, tonight I have watched a whole heap of trashy tv – so trashy I dare not tell you what – given myself a Gold Collagen Facial and enjoyed some Lindt Sea Salt chocolate.


I hope I am not meant to pick my partner up because I am completely blissed out here.


About Jessica

Queen of the Slashes. Full time Mother slash part time Clerk slash part time Accountant slash part time Arts/Law Student slash full time Domestic Goddess. Join me as I tell you alllll about it.
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