It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

I nearly freaked out when I saw the date yesterday. Not because there is anything particularly relevant about December 4, but because it means that it is just THREE WEEKS until Christmas.

Cue a mad panic and general state of freaking out over where the hell the year has gone before focussing on the very pressing issue of getting my Christmas plans organised.

Admittedly this is mostly covering gifts. We try to buy our kids one or two big items each, depending on what they want, plus lots of smaller items. We also do a Kris Kringle with my partners family which makes it easier, and my extended family is quite small, so present buying is actually not hugely stressful.

This year, however, we are hosting our first every Christmas as we will JUST be in our new house by then. I am starting to regret this plan as it means we will move house and then a few days later have all our extended family there, which means we can’t have boxes lying around, or furniture not assembled correctly, or dust building up everywhere.

I have already worked out a pretty good Christmas menu, which is good. I am still working on it, so who knows what we will end up doing.

On the big day we will have myself, my partner and our kids obviously, along with his parents, two sisters, brother-in-law, aunty and uncle and two cousins, as well as my parents and grandparents, which is all up 19 people. There are a range of dietary requirements including vegetarians and gluten free, so hopefully I can satisfy everyone.

At this stage, the menu is looking something like this:

Mixed nuts, a healthy unroasted unsalted “super food” trail mix, home made rum balls and a cheese platter with all the extras for grazing when everyone arrives. I am also going to make a delicious punch, with an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version. I am working on a few recipes for this one, I don’t know which one I will use. I am thinking refreshing is the key!

Then we will have the following:

– Roast chicken with pear, pistachio and cranberry gluten free stuffing

– Green salad with figs and pomegranate

– Cinnamon roasted sweet potato (served warm as delicious chips)

– Zucchini noodles with green peas, baby spinach and Persian feta

– Roast cinnamon pumpkin salad with feta and walnuts

– Individual mini no-bake Christmas puddings with home-made vanilla custard ice-cream,  brandy cream and/or mango custard.

– Eggnog (not really appropriate for a summer Christmas, but I can’t resist)

More to come… luckily I still have three weeks to lock my plans it!


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Queen of the Slashes. Full time Mother slash part time Clerk slash part time Accountant slash part time Arts/Law Student slash full time Domestic Goddess. Join me as I tell you alllll about it.
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