“What’s for Dinner, Mum?”

I must get asked this question at least once every day. Usually more, if we are being honest.

I usually respond with “what would you like?”, and see if we can work with that, rather than just whipping up whatever is easiest. Although this in itself presents a problem. My partner, being a young red-blooded male, would happily eat a steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My daughter must have been mediterranean in a past life as she loves feta, olives, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and anything that incorporates these flavours. My son’s favourite food is bolognaise, either beef or lentil, and any kind of lasagne. I think he just likes pasta.

So if I were to make everyone what they wanted for dinner each night, I would probably never leave the kitchen. Luckily no one is hugely fussy so we can do a bit of rotation of everyones tastes.

I prefer not to eat much meat, which can present a problem as well. I usually make a batch of soup or something that I eat for dinner if everyone else is having something meat heavy. The good thing is that it looks completely unappetising, usually a bowl of grey, green or brown goo, so no one is jealous of my dinner or interested in trading.

Or I make a big salad with lots of veggies in it which is a good side to a steak and the kids can have sausages, and I can just have salad.

A good mild veggie curry is usually a hit for everyone, I usually forgo the rice to keep it relatively light, and the others can have whatever they like. Similar with a vegetarian curry. I make it so hearty that no one even notices the meat missing, such as jam-packed with veggies and legumes.


Since I am presently calling a pub home, I am far more limited in my cooking abilities. There is no stove or oven here, but there is a microave I have set up an electric grill and wok, so we are living off grilled chicken, steaks and fish, with salads and microwaved steamed veggies as sides. Either that or stir fries. Stir fries are probably MY favourite food, so that is a nice change for me!

At first I freaked out about the limited cooking amenities and had horrible visions of eating out in the pub every. single. night, but I have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to still prepare tasty and nutritious food that satisfies the whole family.

Maybe I don’t need my extensive range of kitchen appliances that are presently in storage??

Oh, who am I kidding, I FREAKING love my appliances!!


About Jessica

Queen of the Slashes. Full time Mother slash part time Clerk slash part time Accountant slash part time Arts/Law Student slash full time Domestic Goddess. Join me as I tell you alllll about it.
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