Let’s start at the very beginning…

… what a very good place to start!

So what the hell is this?

Well I am sitting here in the Junee Hotel which is about as close as I have to a home at the moment, and thought what better thing to do to pass the time than to share my thoughts.

And yes, domestic goddess is completely ironic to me considering my present surroundings. So what’s the go with the hotel life, and is it really as glamorous as it sounds?

The answer to the second part of that question is a resounding NO!

Junee Hotel is nice enough but the Hilton it is not. It is a done up pub that claims to be a Bed & Breakfast, and it is also my new home.

Let me explain. We moved here earlier in the year for a minimum six months. We being my partner, myself and our two children. We moved here for his work, and honestly as soon as the six month mark was reached i became clear to all that the contract would not be extended. Don’t get me wrong, my partner is fabulous as what he does and he was a great asset to the team, but life in Junee wasn’t for us. It is a lovely town, we had a much nicer house than anywhere we have ever lived in Sydney, the local school was great and the kids made lots of friends. I enjoyed working part time as an accountant for the local council and came to really find myself falling very easily into the country groove. I am, after all, a country girl at heart.

The reality was that we missed our family and friends and we didn’t like feeling so isolated. So we were excited that we would soon be back in Sydney, where everyone we love is a mere stones throw away.

However, gotta love timing, our lease finished before M’s contract. We discussed extending it a few weeks, but turns out the owner was planning to do some renovations over Christmas to sell it in the New Year and she was keen to get us out.

So we had to stay in Junee for M’s work and for the remainder of the kids schooling. But we had nowhere to live. I never thought I would be homeless!

So what else is there to do, but shack up in the local hotel. We have rented two adjoining rooms, one for us one for the kids, and will be living here for 3 weeks in total. The kids seem to love it. I would love it more if we had a gym, a pool, a salon and buffet breakfast everyday, but whatever.

So that’s my life…


About Jessica

Queen of the Slashes. Full time Mother slash part time Clerk slash part time Accountant slash part time Arts/Law Student slash full time Domestic Goddess. Join me as I tell you alllll about it.
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